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There are certain events you dread as a parent: Your daughter’s first date. Explaining “birds and bees.” A late night phone call from the hospital. And having to tell your 16-year-old daughter how you’re not going to let her drive, because you don’t want to have to arrest her:

In a country where women are barred from getting behind the wheel, his daughter’s desire is not only forbidden, it’s also a touchy subject for Gifari, who’s spent nearly half his life working for the government body charged with enforcing the law.

“I told her that driving is allowed in Islam,” Gifari said in a rare interview with a Western reporter. “But it is more of a cultural thing. We already have a lot of problems on the road when it comes to sexual harassment, with guys flirting with girls in the car. If a woman drives, it’s only going to bring more problems.”

Fortunately for Gifari, he appears to have the persuasive manner that’s so helpful in parenting:

As for his own daughter’s desire to drive a car, Gifari said, after a half-hour chat, she agreed with her dad that the timing wasn’t right.

“Maybe in a few years traditions will change,” Gifari said. “But right now it’s only going to bring problems — and it’s not one of the government priorities.”

And he didn’t even have to cut out her tongue! Is it too early to nominate him for Father of the Year?


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