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One of these is Devo, I’m pretty sure. But which one?


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Tragedy in (Wichita / Ottawa / Nepal / Israel), where (an anti-abortion activist / a devout Muslim / Hindu extremists / Ultra-Orthodox Jews) (murdered a doctor / murdered his sister and her lover / blew up a Catholic Church / beat up some missionaries) in order to (stop him from performing abortions / restore honor to his family / make Nepal into a Hindu state / prevent conversions). Spokespeople for (anti-abortion groups / Muslim organizations / Hindu nationalists / ultra-Orthodox Jews) urged that we not judge all their members based on the actions of (“extremists” / “extremists” / “extremists” / “extremists” ):

Most (Christians / Muslims / Hindus / Jews) manage to go through life without ever engaging in religiously-motivated violence. And while violence is never justified, we should be more tolerant and try to understand how people might have legitimate grievances about (procedures that we’ve repeatedly denounced as “murder” / the concept of “honor” our community has relentlessly promoted / the indignity of having to live under a non-Hindu government / free speech promoting a different form of superstition from ours).

In any event, we should be very careful with our words, as it wouldn’t be fair to blame an isolated incident on (religion / religion / religion / religion).

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Rock and roll contains a proud tradition of girl bands, including Josie and the Pussycats, Josie and the Pussycats in Outer Space, Jem and the Holograms, The Misfits, Barbie and the Rockers, Barbie and the Sensations, The Chipettes, and Girls Aloud.

Looking at that list, one thing jumps out immediately. None of those bands are made up of Orthodox Jewish women! (Misfit Pizzazz, despite her JAP-py behavior, is in fact a Calvinist.) There are lots of possible explanations for this, many of which involve Cat Stevens, but the most likely is that Orthodox Jewish men are not allowed to listen to women sing.

After years of Rabbinic debate, the members of would-be-girl-band Ashira found a solution: ladies night:

Ashira has booked bars that lock out all men on nights they perform. Their Hebrew songs all revolve around biblical themes. Their forthcoming album will include a warning label against men opening the disc.

Because I like to be helpful, I have gone ahead and made a warning label for them:


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Political scientists Neil Malhotra and Yotam Margalit raise the important question: “How much were the Jews to blame for the financial crisis?”

Being good social scientists, they conducted a survey and produced all sorts of interesting results:


Notice that more respondents chose “the Jews” than any other choice offered.

It’s also interesting to look at how the results broke down across demographics:


You can see that Republicans, the college educated, and (especially) doctors were least likely to blame the Jews.

One can imagine all sorts of related problems amenable to the same sorts of analysis:

  • Are “the Scientologists” responsible for the death of Lisa McPherson?
  • Is “Michael Peter Woroniecki” at fault in the murders of Andrea Yates’s children?
  • Are “the Jews” to blame for killing Christ?
  • Is “Father Garcia” responsible for fondling me in the confessional when I was 13 years old, again when I was 24 years old, and a third time when I was 28 years old?
  • Am “I” responsible for fondling him back last summer?
  • Are “reptilian humanoids” controlling the bloodlines of the ruling political and economic families from behind the scenes?

It almost makes me wish I hadn’t been expelled from my career as a social scientist.

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