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Friend of the blog Enemy of the blog (and anti-evolutionist, and Discovery Institute waterboy, and loathsome human being) David Klinghoffer gloats that the Holocaust Museum shooter was an “evolutionist,” based on his demented writings:

As with ALL LIBERAL ideologies, miscegenation is totally inconsistent with Natural Law: the species are improved through in-breeding, natural selection and mutation. Only the strong survive. Cross-breeding Whites with species lower on the evolutionary scale diminishes the White gene-pool while increasing the number of physiologically, psychologically and behaviorally deprived mongrels.

Unfortunately for his disgusting gloating, the cited passage demonstrates misunderstandings of evolutionary theory on par with the ones that Klinghoffer and friends routinely propound. Shall we count the ways?

1. “Natural Law” has nothing whatsoever to do with “miscegenation” — it mainly promotes Chopric practices like Transcendental Meditation and Yogic Flying

2. Inbreeding does not typically improve a species, unless you consider having only two toes (like Cletus) an improvement.

3. Lots of the “non-strong” survive. In fact, in today’s Web 2.0 economy, the Super Crunchers and the AJAX programmers are totally outsurviving the strong, most of whom work at soon-to-be-defunct government-owned automobile manufacturers.

4. There is no such thing as “lower on the evolutionary scale.” In fact, there is no such thing as an “evolutionary scale.” There is an evolutionary tree, which I am surprised that the Discovery Institute has not tried to deface; however, its different levels refer not to different species but to different granularities of species-grouping. Species can be closer on the evolutionary tree. They can be farther. They cannot be higher or lower.

None of this stops Klinghoffer from his demented accusations:

No, he doesn’t cite Darwin by name in the part of his book that’s readable online — the first 6 of 12 chapters. But do you get the general drift?

Yes, we get the general drift. The general drift is that a white-supremacist jackass who doesn’t understand evolutionary theory in the slightest (but who haphazardly and illogically appropriated some of its concepts to buttress his terrible pre-existing racist theories) went on a shooting spree. And also that there is apparently no depth that Klinghoffer, as part of his tireless crusade to impugn any science that contradicts the superstitious beliefs bequeathed to him by his cavemen ancestors, will not stoop to in order to promote his nonsense.

That’s the “drift” you had in mind, right?


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Anti-evolutionist and friend of the blog David Klinghoffer has another gem this morning, coming up with a theory to explain why a Chinese friend of his converted to Judaism:

[Maybe] God imprints a certain kind of religious preference, one of numerous possible imprints, on each person.

This theory has a number of virtues. For instance, it’s non-falsifiable. And also it allows Klinghoffer to take shots at the god gene theory, which casts doubt on his twin dogmas of “god is true” and “evolution is false.”

However, off the top of my head I can come up with a number of alternative, non-supernatural explanations for his friend’s conversion:

  • Attracted by Jewish love of Chinese food
  • Shared history of interest in Communism
  • Asian obsession with Woody Allen
  • Want to get into movie industry but creeped out by Scientologists

I know what you’re thinking: none of these theories explain Klinghoffer’s second stylized fact, which is that Marvin Olasky converted from Judaism to Atheism to Christianity. I guess maybe Klinghoffer’s theory that god “imprinted” Olasky with a preference to be atheist for a while could explain this. But why would god do such micro-meddling?

Maybe God makes us this way to keep humanity safely divided into discrete peoples and nations. The Tower of Babel story, which comes shortly after, shows the danger of a world state with a world-spanning ideology. We would abuse its power, tyrannizing each other.

To keep us “safely divided”! That makes perfect sense! Good plan, god!

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