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Kudos to the Christian Post for uncovering a disgusting new form of child abuse:

American Christian kids as young as four are being [forced] to do extra chores and other fundraising activities to raise money to buy Bibles for U.S. troops.


“One of our goals at Focus is to instill in children a love for God’s Word, and this is a particularly [manipulative] way of doing so,” said Focus President and CEO Jim Daly.

I suppose we should be glad that Focus on the Family isn’t sending the four-year-olds to work in diamond mines, or making them sweep chimneys, or blinding them in order to make them more effective beggars.

Nonetheless, conscripting toddlers for hard labor and propaganda work is pretty despicable:

“It is good for Daddy to have a Bible to read in Iraq so he can have an [imaginary] friend there,” said 3-year-old Violet.

I hope you’ll join me and the Christian Post in condemning this!


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